Zion national Park Wedding Photography | Ashae + Austin

If you are lucky enough to come across someone who makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, pull them close. If they still make you feel warm and fuzzy even on the worst of days, pull them closer. Ashae and Austin are such a couple. 

Zion national Park wedding photography

A wedding day is supposed to be filled with fun and excitement, smiles, maybe even a few tears. Their wedding day was different than most, it just so happened that moments before their wedding party was set to arrive, the skies opened up and tore through their venue. Upending chairs, tables, decor, throwing things around the yard. It happened not once, but 3-4 times in a matter of about an hour. The flash flooding tore through Zion and surrounding areas, hitting their wedding venue directly with wind and rain. On a day when the world was crumbling in around them, Ashae was determined to marry her man in the spot they’d previously picked, no weather was going to stop them. As the sun was setting, the couple joined their families in a beautiful union in the center of a Labyrinth atop a hill adjacent their venue. 

Zion national Park wedding photography bride and groom
Zion national Park wedding photography

Having driven from the great state of Texas, their love just as big, there was no stopping this Bride and the family that came along for the adventure. The morning began with a sunrise first look, where Austin waited anxiously to see his beautiful Bride in her stunning gown just as the sun crept up over the red hills of Zion national Park. The evening came to an end as quietly as the day began, as their family and friends settled in after a crazy day. This special day was filled with so many more emotions than anyone could comprehend, even now looking back it’s hard to fathom what actually happened that day. In the end, if the couple could withstand the storm on their wedding day, their love can withstand anything life can throw at them.