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For the last several years, there have been major changes in the wedding industry. With advances in technology, it is becoming more common for couples to add videography to their wedding packages in addition to their photography services. As high speed internet becomes more commonplace, it is easier to upload video live! There are many ways to livestream your wedding, some people opt to stream directly to facebook, you can also use YouTube, Vimeo, Livestream, and Periscope just to name a few.


For about a year I have been testing different options to find the very best solution for my clients so they can “set it and forget it” by hiring me. As a Videographer I have become great at editing wedding videos, as that is what I do day to day. Live-streaming is a whole new option for couples looking to have their wedding available to those who could not join them on their special day in person, to feel as though they are in fact present.

Traditionally wedding videos are edited and delivered on DVD/Blu-Ray or even online via YouTube or Vimeo, or other file sharing sites. With live-streamed weddings, there is no editing, you are seeing the wedding as it happens in real time with very little delay. The best part, after the wedding comes and goes, the video is still available on YouTube for you to see later.

Things to keep in mind if you are considering having your wedding streamed live.

  1. Wifi is 100% critical for the process to work. A weak signal, or slow upload speed will significantly inhibit the streaming process. Check with your venue to ensure that their wifi upload speed is at least 15mbps. The whole upload bandwidth may not be necessary for all streams, but having a little bit of wiggle room will go a long way to minimize lag, and signal drops.
  2. The link to share to your family is unavailable until the stream starts. It is important that all those who will be viewing have access to a centralized location where they can access a link that we post as the stream goes live. Some clients choose to use Facebook for this purpose, others have a wedding website. Either way, we may need username and password access to the platform of your choosing in order to provide access to your loved ones as the stream goes live.
  3. Depending on the internet connection, it may be possible for the stream to drop. (This happens rarely) but it is possible. If this happens, a new link will be created and your loved ones will need to know where to access the link that we create.

There are a lot of logistics that have to happen perfectly for a livestream. Most of this, we deal with personally throughout your wedding day so you can enjoy the most important day of your life.