This Is The Place Heritage Park Wedding Photography | Sailor + Ned

Salt Lake City has a robust history of people who persist, against all odds, they push through adversity at all cost in the name of family, and freedom.

Sailor and Ned are no different, having many struggles, and several triumphs in the years they’ve known each other. Getting married in one of the most iconic homes in all of Utah, the Heber C Kimball house located inside This Is The Place Heritage Park. Their triumph came on 5/18/2019 as they tied the knot in the presence of their favorite people. Family and friends gathered from all over the valley, and some from across the country to witness the union.

Both the Bride and the Groom had written the most beautiful vows to each other, there was not a dry eye in the room.

Blending families is never easy to do, but through perseverance, and a lot of love, true happiness can be achieved. During their Ceremony, they blended sands as a way to symbolize their union starting as two unique colors of sand. As they are blended, the once completely different colors of sand collect together in a jar, never again being able to be separated. Just like the sands, on their wedding day, Ned and Sailor, in the presence of their loved ones, committed to intertwine their hearts and souls to become one, and always put each other before themselves.

The Ceremony was only one part of their wedding to remember, the rest of the night was off the hook. The Wedding DJ brought a lot of energy to the dance floor, and the crew took advantage of it all night long. People laughed, people cried, what a beautiful day it truly was.

Below is one example of a Sand Ceremony Poem that could be used in your wedding if you choose to.

Romantic Sand Ceremony Wording

Officiant:Love is a force more formidable than any other. It cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession ever could. But although this love joins you together as one, remember the gift of your individuality. Cherish and affirm your differences as you love each other. Be supportive of your strengths, and tender towards your weaknesses. Laugh together, cry together, be comforted by each other’s presence, and secure in each other’s absence.

To symbolize the importance of each of you within the marriage and the joining of your two lives into one marriage, 3 colors of sand will now be combined in a sand ceremony.

We begin with a layer of white sand, which symbolizes the foundation of the relationship. Then ______ and ______ will each separately pour their sand into the vase, symbolizing who they are as individuals. Then, they will pour together, blending their two colors as a symbol of their joining together forever in love. Lastly, I will add another layer of white sand, representing you, their community, supporting them in their marriage and holding them in love. Though the vase may be moved around, and the colors may shift and blend in new ways, the grains of sand cannot be separated. They will remain joined in a harmonious whole. (The officiant holds up the completed vase, presenting it to the guests.) May your love be as eternal and as inseparable as this sand.