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This man saved the day! After emailing our wedding song choice to our original videographer just days before our wedding, we were informed that he wouldn't be able to make it to Moab for the wedding, but he found a replacement and it was Ryan. I don't think Ryan totally knew what he was getting himself into, but he showed up, did his job beyond ALL of our expectations, and although I haven't seen any footage yet, I know Ryan has the skills to do more than just push record on a camera, he is an artist. We went on a 4wheeling adventure and got married on a cliff yesterday morning and Ryan went out of his way, above and beyond to capture some of the most magical moments of my life! I cannot wait to see the footage, I will probably have to send a request to google to add a sixth star. Thank you Ryan for showing up for strangers that didn't hire you. You are beyond a businessman and a professional, you are an outstanding human being. Thank you!
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Jessica Lambert
Ryan Is amazing!! His work is beautiful and works so well with you. He took my engagement and they are stunning and loved how they turned out! I havent received my wedding photos or video yet but I know they will be beautiful. I would absolutely recommend him for any photos or/and video you may need!
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Gema Torres
Ryan's work is beautiful, creative, and really tells a story, which is why I wanted him to capture the moments of my wedding. He has a vision and see's it through. I am excited to see our wedding video as a whole, and the glimpses that I have seen so far are absolutely amazing. I would recommend Ryan if you are looking for any special moment in your life to be captured in a way that feels like you are there each time you look back at it. .
Gabby Bright
VERY BEST IN THE BUSINESS. We cannot say enough about Ryan and Mark. They are extremely talented, caring, professional and most of all passionate about what they do. Alll our guest were amazed how committed to making our wedding photos and video so special. They were everywhere we needed them to be. With big smiles on their faces. No stress with them. These two went above and beyond. They were creative and flexible. They captured amazing moments which are unforgettable. I honestly would but can’t put my phone number on here so you can call to ask questions. I can assure you every single time I called or texted Ryan he responded right away. Huge help when you have so much on your mind. Pictures should be the number 1 priority for any wedding because they last a lifetime. Keeping this in mind, just so you have no regrets, you truly should hire these two so they can capture your dreams come true.
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Lindsey Mark
He is amazing!! Captured my wedding beautifully! Highly recommend. Very professional. My sister and I both used him for our weddings!
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Domina Holbeck
We had the best experience with him for my daughter Annika and her fiance Nolan s love story first look video. .Ryan has an eye for the dramatic that I, the mother of the bride, love and a down to earth ease that is so endearing that he got a future son in law who hates having his photo taken to just open up and share his world of falling in love with Annika.. Now all the family members can see them how we do..and i have a lasting lifetime memory of hanging out with my daughter, her twin, and my soon to be son in law in the mountains we love, hearing and seeing how they fell in love... and witnessing Nolan s first look.. And I feel forever connected to a man who goes above and beyond....Ryan Hender you are a treasure yourself.
Pam Smith
I used Ryan to capture the amazing moments of my wedding day and he did a wonderful job! Ryan was so wonderful to work with before, the day of, and after the wedding. He was always responsive and quick to help in any way he could. The day of was the first time my husband and I had ever met Ryan, but he was so personable and fun to work with. He made us feel comfortable and brought out the fun of the day. That, combined with his very reasonable pricing made me so happy in my choice to go with Ryan for our wedding videographer.
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Jessica Barker
Ryan did an absolute wonderful job with our wedding video!! Now my husband and I are able to relive our wedding day again and again. He captured the best parts of the day and edited them into a beautiful video. I cannot stop watching it! He gave us a DVD that also contained the entire ceremony, all the toasts, and some best wishes from our wedding party, family and friends which was such a wonderful surprise! I would highly recommend Ryan for your wedding videographer in a heartbeat, you will not regret it!
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Hannah Dieterle
Magical! Ryan made this special day a day to remember ! It is like a real movie!!! Thank you! Very talented and was extremely professional. It was a four day event ! Thank you Ryan!!!
Millie Petersen
Ryan was a great asset to our team and what we needed accomplished for a wedding event. We had him take video, photos, drone footage and he turned everything over quickly. He showed up the day before and walked through what we needed, while other photographers did not do that. The day of the event, he showed up earlier than any other photographer, and even under pressure, he took time to take care of our specific requests. He came back a week later to take a few more videos so he could get the correct angles and footage. He will do his best to meet your vision and is very accommodating. He even went back after he made the video and quickly made changes as we requested.
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