Snowpine Lodge Wedding Venue | Kaylee + Andrew

Kaylee and Andrew are one of those couples that you never forget, the sort of couple that make you want to ugly cry. From the very beginning, it was clear just how much Andrew treasured Kaylee. During their engagement photo shoot, we had a blast, but that was only the very beginning of my experience with them.

Snowpine Lodge held a special place in their hearts, and not just because it’s impossible to love the Utah mountains. Their love grew deep within the hills of the Wasatch where they shared much of their courtship. They share a love of the wilderness, and skiing. In fact, the hill just behind where they spoke their vows to each other was the very spot that Andrew popped the question.

One fateful night their love started out as a seed, as Kaylee claimed “dibs” on Andrew while at a party with some friends. Little did she know that she’d be walking down the aisle with him on a beautiful summer evening in July. Andrew wasn’t convinced in the beginning that Kaylee was the one for him, but looking at the way he looks into her eyes now, you can tell he finally realized what she knew all along.

Hours before the couple united their two families, they shared a moment on a ski lift where Andrew surprised her one more time with the ring she would wear for the rest of her life. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is so apparent with the way he looked at her during the first look that he was very much in love with her.

They brought in people from all over the country to witness in their union, and to partake of the crisp mountain air and serene wilderness. And when all was said and done, they partied until they couldn’t party anymore.