Payson Temple Wedding Photography | Josh + Caitlyn

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for Josh and Caitlyn. They’d been planning it for months. Some would say they’ve been planning their whole lives. Little did they know that their separate paths would lead them to where they are today. Josh is an outgoing, fun loving kind of guy with a heart of gold. Caitlyn, more introverted, with a Love that burns stronger than the sun itself.

bride standing on wall dress

You could tell by the fire in their eyes that they were happier than they’d ever been. The morning air was crisp with a light breeze that was welcomed as the sun settled atop the Payson Utah Temple as their family and close friends awaited eagerly for the couple to be married for time and all eternity.

bride and groom dip at the Payson temple in utah photography

Following the marriage at the Temple, the reception was held at Clarion Gardens reception center in Payson. In a long tradition in the Groom’s family, the siblings choreographed a silly dance that left everyone’s jaw on the floor.

bride and groom dip at the Payson temple in utah photography

For Josh and Caitlyn, it was important that everyone got to take part in their special day, so even those that couldn’t take part in the Temple Sealing session, they had a special Ring Ceremony immediately before the Reception began.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Josh for almost a decade, and he is such a great man. I am so thrilled to watch as they grow from a couple, into a family in the years to come.