Pam & Drew – True Love Sometimes Takes a While

While planning your wedding, it’s common to think of a wedding Reception hall to hold your wedding as that is what most people do. This last summer I shot several weddings at beautiful privately owned homes in Heber, Park City, and Deer Valley. It’s an excellent choice for several reasons. Pam and Drew rented a beautiful property with 2 homes on it, right on a stream, with plenty of room for everyone to feel comfortable. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cool. The awesome thing about this particular location is that the 2 homes where the Bride and Groom were getting ready were acres away from each other with the perfect amount of walking distance between the two. They were surrounded by family and some very close friends for a night of celebration. During the day, they had lawn games, and when things started to cool down, you could curl up by the fire and roast marshmallows. This awesome couple takes the cake for a simple yet elegant wedding.

The solid wood tables were decorated with everything outdoors from lanterns to antlers. The love that these two shared is truly one of a kind. It was so obvious that their families were so important to both of them, the Groom danced not only with his new wife, but with his mother and his daughters as well. The images speak for themselves, this was a stunningly beautiful wedding.


With a reception center, you usually have to be in and out by a certain time, and at many reception halls you have to be cleaned up as well. Your family and friends have to find lodging at local hotels which spreads everyone out, making it harder to get together for preparations and such. By having a private lodge or private residence, you typically pay the same for a week or weekend than you will for a single night at a reception hall. By booking a private residence, your closest family and friends can have a place to sleep for the days prior to the wedding. Here are a few of my favorite images from a recent wedding in Heber. If anyone is interested in learning more about this location, let me know!


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  2. I really loved that video with the couple at the Temple. I have never seen temple wedding videos, is that only in Utah or do they do that around the world? Do you do destination weddings? I am considering hiring you to film my wedding in July, I was wondering if you also do photography and video packages together.