Oh What Fun It Is To Bring Your Cat To Family Pictures

I had the pleasure of working with Emily and her family today, on  a BEAUTIFUL Sunday just before Thanksgiving. We were all a bit worried about the wind at first, but it cooperated enough to get some great images! Emily is a spunky twenty-something with no fear of being different. She opted to bring along her hairless cat. She cooperated for a little bit, but she got sick of looking at the flash after a little while, so  what did I do? I pulled up YouTube of course! I searched for sounds that would annoy the cat, so that she would have no choice but to look my direction. We got some great shots very quickly, then she was placed back in her stroller so we couldn’t abuse her anymore.

emily-family-pictures-2016-2-2-copy emily-family-pictures-2016-2 emily-family-pictures-2016-33

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  1. Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve cheeerd me up!