Nothing Better Than Getting Married At 7,000ft

I had the supreme pleasure of working with Jodi and Chuck a while back, and after editing their pictures I was reminded of how truly amazing the day was!

On the Wedding day, the Groom’s mother pulled me aside and told me, “Jodi wanted 2 things for this wedding, she wanted a beautiful place that everyone could gather and have fun, and she wanted you”. How powerful it was for her to say that. The setting was nothing short of stunning, the pictures speak for themselves. It was in Heber Utah, high above the mountain valley floor in a private lodge built for a king. The lodge was originally used as a gathering place for the quiet mountain community but was renovated to be used as a private residence.

The one of a kind lodge, adorned with log pillars, a tire swing, massive deck overlooking the valley, and a beautifully hand carved moose on the front door, none other than the Timber Moose Lodge. Quiet and simple, yet simply elegant with seating throughout the home for everyone to feel at home. The night of the rehearsal, there was a pool party, and there may or may have not been people diving into the indoor pool from a location I shall not mention.

Jodi and Chuck were so obviously in love, they worked diligently to ensure the experience was an unforgettable one for all in attendance.

A Wedding Ceremony is a time most Brides dread, and as a Photographer I do as well. You never know if the weather will cooperate, occasionally it doesn’t, but in this case it certainly did. The day was beautiful, plenty of sun, and the temperature was just right. What a blessing it was to be part of this very special day for Chuck and Jodi. Thank you!

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