Beautiful Red Rock Destination Wedding | Lindsey + Jason

If someone told me Lindsey and Jason weren’t destined to be together, I’d laugh. Their journey started about 10 years ago, and through a series of seemingly insignificant coincidences, they met by accident. Since that day long ago, they’ve traveled the world together, in search of the meaning of life. They’ve moved 16 times in all different time zones, across many states across the U.S. They may not always agree on everything, but the one thing they both couldn’t refuse was their wedding would be held in red rock country of Southern Utah.

Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club is a stunning golf course positioned neatly in the St. George foothills just below the Snow Canyon State Park. Situated just below the surrounding mountains, the beautiful venue offers vastly colorful sunsets as far as the eye can see. Just hours before the Ceremony, Lindsey had a close family member sent back home due to a flare up of A.L.S. symptoms.

While the ladies got dressed at a private home nearby, the men gathered just outside the Snow Canyon State Park for a spectacular photo shoot.

Jason and his new wife Linsey were surrounded by some pretty amazing family and friends who came from all over the country to witness the once in a lifetime event. Being a wedding photographer is such an honor. Jason came up and gave me a hug, though he probably would deny it now that he is sober. “You know why I love you guys?” he asked. “Because when I watch this video in 50 years, and look at these pictures, I will get to remember this very moment”. He continued “You know, my memory isn’t that great, so I won’t be able to remember this, but what you guys are doing will make it possible for me to see it again”. I really do love so much what I do. Sometimes I am the wedding videographer, other times I am just shooting as a photographer, either way, I get to preserve the special day between two people and their families.

After the officiant finished his well polished remarks, the couple continued with their own hand written vows that took each others’ breath away.

Their wedding is one I will never forget. The wedding venue, the spectacular sunset in Southern Utah’s redrock country, the beautiful words spoken about two amazing people, and of course the people. Family and friends danced for hours, never letting up. The photos and video below are just a teaser of what is to come.