Domina + Ben Wedding @ Greek Orthodox Church, Salt Lake City, Utah

Domina and Ben have a long history together. Interestingly, they are so different that most may assume that they would never have ended up together, but as we all know, opposites attract. As a way of honoring tradition, Domina insisted that they were married in the very same Greek Orthodox Church that her parents and grandparents were married in and what a spectacle it was. The pews were full of loved ones who traveled near and far, some from different continents. Weddings are wonderful, in that they bring family and friends together who haven’t seen each other for decades. I often say that Weddings are the first and last time that you’ll see those special to you all in the same place at the same time.

Domina did something that most Brides wouldn’t even dream of doing, she had each of her Bridesmaids pick out their own dress so they were comfortable, rather than trying to force everyone to be the same. So much in fact, that there was an adorable little Mini-Bride wearing her own veil and wedding gown.

This was one truly Big Fat Greek wedding with an amazing wedding cake, a bouquet that would make kings question their crown, and of course, amazing food. I wish Domina and Ben the very best in their lives together. Below are some images from their wedding day, enjoy!