Charming Barn Wedding Venue Utah County

Utah County has many wedding venues to choose from, none of which is quite like Quiet Meadow Farm. It is nestled neatly in the foothills of Mapleton up a long dirt road. It is always such a treat to film a wedding at this place. The staff is phenomenal, the grounds are well kept, with an orchard to the southeast of the main building.

The day before Haley and Bryant’s wedding it was pouring rain, and the forecast for their day was cloudy with a chance of rain showers. Luckily, the clouds broke just before the Ceremony, and the skies opened up just long enough for the couple to share the most beautiful vows. Bryant clad in a fitted suit that perfectly paired with Haley’s wedding gown. Her train was absolutely amazing! As wedding videographer, it’s always nice when I have access to a long flowy dress, it looks so nice moving in the wind.

Haley and Bryant were a ton of fun, they had a great spirit about them. You could tell how much Bryant loves Haley by the way he looked at her. As she walked down the aisle, a single tear slipped from his left eye. He quickly wiped it away, but you could tell this moment meant everything to him. To him, Haley was special, just a different kind of human. Caring so much about everyone else. I was there serving as her videographer, and several times through the night she came up to me asking how I was doing! She wanted to make sure myself and the Photographer ate. Most couples have so much going on in their minds on their wedding day that the last thing on their mind is making sure their vendors are ok. We had a ton of fun later on too, a couple times, the photographer and myself kidnapped the couple to run outside for a quick photo op, the couple was more than willing. Little things like that really add to the end product, both with their wedding videos and photography. They are really two amazing people, and it speaks very much to their character.

I wish so much that I could edit every wedding video the night I film it, their story was so inspiring that I want to edit it right now, but for now, y’all will have to deal with just a few photos I captured from throughout the day.

They made it so much fun, and so much easier than it could have been. I am so excited to see what their wedding video turns out to be.