Alyssa & Jim | A Story You Only Hear About In The Movies

Livestream starts 4pm

The link below will be live on or before 4:15 on 1/21/2023. If for some reason the feed stops, please refresh this page. 

This is the kind of love story you only hear about in the movies, but it is in fact 100% true.

In 2023, most adult singles meet on a dating app. Nowadays people don’t meet at the grocery story, or pumping gas. We download an app, upload a few pictures, and describe ourselves in a way that will hopefully grab the attention of someone who you might end up spending the rest of your life with. Alyssa and Jim are not these people.


Their story starts 8 years ago, Jim was working for the airlines and traveling a little bit. Alyssa was on a street corner, preparing to cross the street. A random stranger spoke up, offering to push the button to help her cross the street. She was instantly weirded out, wasn’t quite sure if she was in fact attracted to him, but she chuckled.


They parted ways, assuming they’d never see each other again. Not long after meeting at a crosswalk, they’d crossed paths again in the mall. He made a funny comment, calling attention to their meeting again. He scrambled to find words as he asked if he could have her phone number. Reluctantly, Alyssa gave her email to Jim, assuming he’d never bother to write her.


To her surprise, she received an email from crosswalk Jim. He expressed his love for Utah, being that he was from Canada, and working for the airlines, he got to see plenty of beautiful places. They connected on many things, and started to build a relationship. Fast forward 8 years later, here they are getting married in Utah. I can only imagine what direction their separate lives would have gone if Jim hadn’t awkwardly asked if he could push a crosswalk button for Alyssa. This is the kind of love story you only see in the movies.