8 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Family Photo Session

We get it, you’re a busy mom with more on your plate than anyone realizes. Your sweet hubby kisses you goodbye as he rushes out the door to his important meeting and he has no idea what you’re about to face as you finish getting yourself ready for the day. 

Today is the day. The day that everyone waits for every year. It’s picture day! But not just any picture day, family picture day! This picture will sing louder than any of the other photos you put on your Christmas card this year, and it’s got to be perfect! Your kids are screaming, Amanda wants sprinkles on her pancakes, Jade doesn’t want pancakes today, she wants cereal, but she only wants the marshmallows. She’s three and you know what that means! 

You’ve got all the mom duties that nobody appreciates, and at the end of the day, you still have to look your best, and the kids too! You’ve got to scrub a last minute spill out of a pair of pants right before the photographer starts taking pictures, and your oldest is being bossy and rude because she didn’t get her favorite toy in her happy meal. 

Sounds like a mess doesn’t it? As a mom, your time is valuable, and we understand that. Your next photo session doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Follow the simple steps below, and we promise, your day will be a lot less stressful. 

8 Simple Steps

  1. Get plenty of sleep! Your sleep is critically important, as well as the littles. For children ages 3-5, it is suggested that they get 10-13 hours of sleep each night. To avoid them being a pill the next day, prioritize their sleep so you have one less thing to worry about. Then make sure you get enough rest too, tuck yourself in early with a good book and enjoy the quiet time. 
  2. Organize outfits. After the littles are sleeping soundly, get everyone’s clothing out and ready. It’s best to have two separate clothing choices read, as you never know what to expect. Just in case one outfit gets soiled, you’ve got a backup. 
  3. Protect your assets. Let’s get real for a second, you’ve spent days, and probably even weeks planning the PERFECT outfits for the perfect family formal pictures, and they need to be protected. Now would be a good time to call in security services, if you have the budget for a private security detail, do it. LOL! All joking aside! Let’s get down to business. Now that you have your outfits ready, put them all on hangers, you don’t want any creases or folds. Hang the clothes in the back of your mom-mobile so they’re out of reach.
  4. Dress for success. This is probably the most important steps of the entire process. Never, and I mean NEVER leave your house with the actual outfits the kiddos will be in for the photo shoot. Put them in something that is ok to get spilled on, something they can easily remove themselves, or something easy for you super moms to remove immediately before the shoot. This way you can easily do a wardrobe change right before the session, either in your car, or in the restroom at the studio. 
  5. Take it easy. Make sure your kids are fed and watered, but not watered too well, cause you know darn well they will be letting loose in their diapers, or begging for a potty break at the wrong time. I always bring dry colorless snacks for this purpose. Each kid with his/her own baggie of Cheerios or something similar. 
  6. Arrive early! When you book your photographer, they will usually recommend you to show up at least 15 minutes early. Take this seriously. I promise, you will run out of time. Show up 30-40 minutes before your session so you can work through any wardrobe malfunctions, feed, and make sure everyone has had a chance to use the restroom. 
  7. Expect that the unexpected. Photography is fun, but it will never go down the way you expected. Some of the most adorable photos are the ones we are trying to correct in the moment. If your kid is gonna cry, sometimes the favorite photos to look back on are those ones, don’t be afraid to let the photographer do what they do best. That said, always be available for them if they need help getting your kids’ attention. 
  8. Let them do their job. Family photographers are there because they want to be, and they are usually very good with kids. They enjoy a good challenge, and getting to see their finished work is part of the joy they get in life. If you are helping get a kid’s attention, make sure you’re standing right behind the photographer, just over his/her shoulder. This will make sure kiddos are staring at or near the camera when they crack that perfect smile.