Wedding Videos That Tell A Story

Affordable – Meaningful

Wedding Videos That Tell A Story

Affordable – Meaningful

“You Never Know The Value Of a Moment Until It Becomes a Memory”
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Mills C.

Ryan is an excellent photographer/videographer he works hard at his craft and truly cares about his work. When he sent me the video I told him it was art because he didn’t show me a recording of my wedding but a collage of moments that will last forever. I highly recommend Ryan.

Brandon M.

Ryan Hender did our wedding video at my wedding and it turned out amazing. With the amount of editing done it is worth the price he offers. Ryan is amazing at what he does and is a great pick for giving your wedding video a professionally done feel. It was like watching a movie about our wedding with memorable pictures and a great few surprises. The only thing I would suggest is for the groom to check if his audio recording device, that he is laced with , to see if it is still on before the I dos are said.

Bryce B.

Ryan was great to work with. He did a great job capturing our wedding on film. The wedding videos we received from him turned out great. My wife and I have already recommended him to a friend and will continue to do so again in the future.

About Me

In 2007 I married my best Friend and shortly after, we found out we couldn’t have kids of our own. Jackson, our oldest was an answer to prayer, he came into our lives at the ripe old age of 7 months through Foster Care, and just 4 months later we adopted his twin brothers at birth. At a time in my life when I was working 100+ hours per week running 2 Pizza restaurants that we owned, barely having time for myself, let alone for 3 little boys I had to make a change. I remembered the struggles from my own childhood, and knew that I had to be there for my kids. 

As a stay-at-home Dad I spent my days teaching my 3 little boys. With their constant growth and desire to learn, I was inspired  by them every day. 

For many years I have had a somewhat successful YouTube channel with just over 1.5million hits, purely as a hobby. 

With a college education in Business and a passion for Photography that I’d picked up at the age of 15 I started what is now known as Ryan Hender Films. I didn’t start the business to make Wedding Videos, I had a vision to make compelling, inspirational, one of a kind videos of all kinds. Life comes at you fast, you never know when your time is up. When the good Lord calls us home, the only thing we leave behind is the memories we created with those around us. 

I have won several awards as a Videographer, not necessarily because of what I DO, but because of that I feel. I get invited to some of the most amazing weddings/events all over the country, from there I take the raw video footage, and craft it into a unique story that will stand the test of time. 

I am a people person, and I love my clients, so I pour my heart and soul into everything I produce. 

In May of last year,  unexpectedly we lost my father to a hereditary, incurable disease, that just weeks before his death, I too was diagnosed with. It has always been at the forefront of my mind, the importance of our time on this earth. Each and every minute is so important, we never know when our time will be up. But now more than ever I have a deeper understanding of the importance of making the most of the time we have here on this earth. That is why I do what I do. I capture memories, and preserve them for generations. 

Anyone can make a home movie, anyone can press a button on an iPhone and take a picture, or nowadays even record a video, but what I do is far and above that. Using professional camera and audio recording equipment to record the sound from your event so that it sounds sounds upclose, intimate, and personal! That’s how they do it in the movies, and that’s what you get with me. I capture great quality video and sound, and then couple it with the perfect music, and bring in some video clips to really pull the audience through your film. No matter if you’re watching it for the first time, or you’re watching it 20 years down the road, I want you to feel as though you are IN the very moment. 

The beauty is in the details, and that is what I specialize in. You can hire anyone to record a video, but not just anyone can make a beautiful cinematic film that you will cherish for a lifetime. 




Jordon C

Ryan was amazing, helpful and kind. He was easy to work with, clearly put a lot of time and effort into his work and trade. I would recommend this man to anyone! In the short 5 or so hours we had him he quickly made it feel like he was a family friend and not someone we had paid to do a service. He laughs, jokes and makes everyone comfortable around him. Excellence is not good enough of a rating for him.

Sam B.

Ryan has taken pictures of our family and our children’s pictures for years. We love his work, his attitude, attention to detail and willingness to make it work no matter what mood our kids are in. He has been so great when they haven’t been cooperative and still been able to get great pictures. I LOVE how fast I get my pictures back. I also love that he is on time and focuses on us when he is there. I love how easy going he is to try different pictures but will tell me if it doesn’t look right.

Jacob H.

Ryan was amazing to work with. We really appreciated how he went way beyond the call of duty. He helped get the crowd excited at our reception so we could get some AWESOME dancing pictures/video. Going through Ryan also supplied two wonderful photographers. The three worked absolutely wonderful together. They were creative in the variety of shots they were getting throughout the day. They were willing to do any shot that we wanted as well suggested many of their own. They were also willing to help around as needed. Overall they were AMAZING and we would highly recommend working with them.

Kathleen S.

Ryan is a true professional. Days before my wedding I had a Videographer decide he couldn’t show up since it was July 4th. I called Ryan and with panic in my voice he calmed me down and agreed to change his holiday plans and save my day! I barely even knew Ryan was at the wedding, he is so discreet and never intrusive. I initially thought I wonder how the video would turn out since I rarely noticed his presence. Much to my surprise, our video was more than I expected. Ryan captured moments I had forgot about, moments I never saw with friends and family and truly all the most important moments that will be remebered for a lifetime . I would recommend Ryan t9 all my friends and family and all my clients.

Jaime D.

Adoption Profile Video Ryan is not just any videography, he is AMAZING!!! He came into our home a total stranger and left as a very dear friend. He knew just what to do and/or say to help us to open ourselves to him and the camera in order to tell our story to all who will watch our video and…hopefully through our video we will find our little ones. Someday, when the lord sees fit, Ryan will be doing a continuance video… one that welcomes our little ones into our home and family. If you are looking for someone that has great vision, compassion, and true heart… Give Ryan a call!! He will give you exactly what you are hoping for in a video.

Maria H.

Ryan was very professional in shooting my wedding video. He travel a long distance to my city to shoot my bridals and ceremony capturing all the important moments of my wedding. Most videographers charge per hour but Ryan went the extra mile to shoot everything of my wedding. The result was a high quality video that made us look like TV stars. We love it. The only thing I can say I didn’t like is that I expected the video to be longer in length.. it was too beautiful and we wanted to see more. I still love it though. Thanks Ryan!



Wedding Photography

In addition to Award Winning wedding Videography, I can help you with your Photography needs as well. Whether you need one, or several Photographers, I’ve got partnerships with multiple Photographers to cover your event, no matter how big or small.  We can handle everything from stunning backyard weddings, to destination weddings, all without breaking the bank!

Wedding Videography

I specialize in compelling wedding videos with a unique storytelling element that draw the audience into the video, making them want to watch more. Your wedding day is likely the first and last day that all of your family and friends will be in the same place at the same time. Being able to remember all of those beautiful elements of your BIG DAY is simply priceless. It all comes together with elements of the Toasts and marriage Vows, coupled with the perfect, cinematic piece of music that makes you feel like you are in that very moment, every single time you watch it.

Corporate Videography

Corporate Videography covers a variety of genres, from informational work, tv shows, music videos, and of course Kickstarter. Ryan Hender Films specializes in compelling video productions with a unique storytelling element that draw the audience into the video, making them want to watch more. With clients such as Shark Tank, Security Brief TV, and Mia-Love just to name a few, we can help with everything from concept, all the way to post-production. With an in depth knowledge of business, advertising, and marketing, we are more versatile than many other companies. You only have one chance to make a first impression,  it’s important to team up with the right professionals so your product gets seen in an effective, compelling way.

DJ Service

Hiring a great DJ will set your party apart from the others out there! We can handle any size of event and for an duration. From weddings, birthday parties, social outings, and more. With professional sound equipment, wireless microphone, and lighting included at no extra charge we will bring the party to you! 

Featured Wedding Videos


Package Options

Video Only Packages

Each wedding video comes with a Signature Short Film that includes your Ceremony and Toasts along with other moments of your day. Want more? Add on a 30-40 minute or even a 90-120 minute film for those who want it all! Includes 3 copies of your DVD. *excludes Love Story & 1/2 day shoots*

Love Story Short Film

3-4 minute documentary exploring the Bride and Groom and how they fell in love.

Ceremony OR Reception Short Film

Up to 3 hours continuous coverage, 1 location, for Ceremony OR Reception. Includes 3-4 minute Signature Short Film

Ceremony + Reception Package

Up to 6 hours continuous coverage, can be multiple locations, great for Ceremony + Reception. Includes 3-4 minute Signature Highlight Film. Additional time can be added by the hour.

Ceremony + Reception + Rehearsal Dinner

Up to 6 hours continuous Wedding Day coverage, can be multiple locations, great for Ceremony + Reception. Plus Up to 3 hours Rehearsal Dinner coverage. *Additional Charges May Apply*

Wedding Video+ Photography Packages

For those who want more than just the basics, this package has it all! You’ll have more of the Toasts, Ceremony, First Dances, all with less interruptions. Also comes with a customized DVD menu to jump to your favorite spot. Up To 90 minutes total length. Includes 3 copies of your DVD.

Ceremony + Reception

Up to 6 hours continuous coverage, can be multiple locations. 1 Dedicated Videographer, 1 Dedicated Photographer for the duration. 30-40 minute documentary film + 400-600 color corrected images. Additional time can be added by the hour.

Ceremony + Reception + Rehearsal

Up to 6 hours continuous coverage, can be multiple locations PLUS up to 3 hours Rehearsal Dinner coverage. 1 Dedicated Videographer, 1 Dedicated Photographer for the duration.

Video Upgrade Options

For those who want more than just the basics, this is where you get to custom build the wedding video package that suits you perfectly! These options must be added to existing packages. 

30-40 Minute Documentary

Add the 30-40 minute Documentary to bring more of your special day into your living room. It brings elements of your Ceremony, Toasts, along with the very best moments of your day together into a condensed 30-40 minute film so you can have the most important moments of your day at your fingertips.

90-120 Minute Documentary

This video will bring in your Ceremony and Toasts in their entirety, along with the moments that happened throughout the day together with music in a full 90-120 minute film.

Second Shooter

Adding a second shooter adds a dynamic element to your overall coverage, allowing multiple angles to be covered at the same time. Can be added to video or photography packages.

Corporate Videography

Ryan Hender Films specializes in compelling video productions with a unique storytelling element that draw the audience into the video, making them want to watch more. Whether you’re a startup, trying to get your feet off the ground, or you need a moody music video, we can help!

Music Video Value

Up to 3 hours continuous coverage, one location, great for live venues. Includes 1 pass of editing plus 1 hour post preview edit.

Kickstarter Value

Up to 3 hours continuous coverage, can be multiple locations. Includes 1 pass of editing plus 1 hour post preview edit. 3-5 minute finished edit.

Music Video Day

Up to 8 hours continuous coverage, can be multiple locations, great for more of a storytelling video. Includes 1 pass of editing plus 1 hour post preview edit.

Photography Packages

Images are delivered via online Gallery where you can share, download, and order prints at your leisure.

Location 30 Minute Mini Photo Shoot

30 Minute Photo Shoot within 20 minute drive, Includes 10-25 Color Corrected Images.

Location 60 Minute Photo Shoot

60 Minute Photo Shoot within 20 minute drive, Includes 40-50 Color Corrected Images.

Second Shooter

Add a SECOND Photographer to your 6 Hour package. This significantly improves the variety of shots you end up with.

Ceremony + Reception Photography Package

Up to 6 hours continuous Wedding Day coverage. Includes 400-600 Color Corrected Images.

Real Estate

virtual tour 1110 east 5690 south murray utah

Real Estate Photography and Videography

People like video, and the statistics back it up. While the average web user spends 48 seconds on a listing, the same user spends close to 6 minutes (5 minutes 50 seconds) on a listing that has video. It’s simple, really. If your real estate listings include video, your visitors are likely to stay longer, and the longer a user stays on your page/listing, the more likely they are to translate into a lead. Video is said to be a whopping 53 times more effective at drawing people in than text alone.Since 2009, video traffic from mobile devices has increased 5000%. Every day, YouTube receives 4 BILLION video views, and as of 90% of web traffic is video. Websites that include relevant, optimized video are 57% more likely to be on page one of Google than those that do not.Utilizing video allows real estate agents and brokers to market each property to its fullest, instilling a sense of trust and competency with both selves and buyers. Video today is a critically important piece of the puzzle. Video gives potential home buyers a much richer online experience than photos alone. The movement created by video brings the listing to life, giving viewers a feeling of walking through the home themselves. Not to mention, the ability for buyers to share the video on social media with friends and family, putting YOUR name in front of more potential buyers, and sellers. Adding video sells more real estate by inviting more interest, more attraction, and of course more leads! Are you ready?Call TODAY! 801-349-6546

Real Estate Photography

When you list your home, you’ve got to make it stand out! iPhone pictures don’t work anymore. If you want your listing to be the one everyone is talking about, aerial photography is a MUST! It gives a unique perspective of your home and surrounding areas to give your buyers a feeling of being there without having to drive across town.

Real Estate Videography

In addition to the aerial photography, I also do video work. I have a few different options for this, and the pricing varies from package to package. I do specialize in video, and feel very strongly that a good video plays an essential role to give prospective buyers a unique understanding of your home before they ever walk in the door. This turns more lookers into buyers. You’ll do far less showings, and the showings you do, are far more interested in the home. Less wasted time, faster sale! Whether you’re looking for a simple video slideshow (which most agents use) or a more professional look with professional video camera, professional voice over from a professional voice actor to set your listing apart, or maybe you want to be the face of your listing(s), I can do it all!

Aerial Photo + Video

Providing an aerial view of the home itself as well as surroundings is an amazing way to connect with your buyers. This is your chance to show off that valley, sunset, or other million dollar view that sold you on your home to begin with!
  • Home

Photo Virtual Tour

We take your photos and bring them to life with some movement to add more visual interest making your buyers stay on the page longer. You don't want tire kickers, you want BUYERS! By making the home look as appealing as possible, you will weed out the "maybes" and bring in more "gotta have its". Buyers are getting more and more pressed for time, allow them to see more of your home in a shorter amount of time.Typically 2-3 minute video depending on the amount of pictures.

Interior Photos

You want your home to stand out from the others on the internet, don't settle for sub-par iPhone photos. Buyers these days are picky and they know what they want! We want bright, open floor plans, with plenty of light everywhere. We bring lighting into the home to maximize the feeling of openness.

Aerial Photo + Video

Showcase the stunning views of your home. With aerial video, we bring your home to life, showing your home at unique angles, with some attitude! Park or Golf Course nearby? Let us bring your buyers there with the power of video, allowing them to be there without having to drive across town. Includes 60 second video and 5 pictures.

Interior Video Tour

With a virtual video tour, we bring your buyers inside your home in a way that photos simply can't. Using camera movement to connect the dots from one room to another, giving the buyers a feeling of being in the home. We buy with our emotions, what better way to make your buyers feel at home than to put them there with video!Includes video video shoot of interior of home, showing off the very best the home has to offer. Edited together with music for maximum feel.

Signature Tour

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Video virtual tour with aerial photos and video to make your home simply SHINE! Professional voiceover, with titles, opening, and end credits.With a virtual video tour, we bring your buyers inside your home in a way that photos simply can't. Using camera movement to connect the dots from one room to another, giving the buyers a feeling of being in the home. We buy with our emotions, what better way to make your buyers feel at home than to put them there with video!Includes Interior video shoot + Exterior aerial video +5 Exterior Aerial photos, along with voice actor doing a voiceover to accentuate the most prominent features of the home.
aerial photo real estate photography murray utah
aerial photo real estate photography murray utah
aerial photo real estate photography murray utah 1110 east 5690 south for sale


3 Hour Event

Includes use of wireless microphone for speaker, lighting, and song requests for your guests.

5 Hour Event

Includes use of wireless microphone for speaker, lighting, and song requests for your guests.

7 Hour Event

Includes use of wireless microphone for speaker, lighting, and song requests for your guests.



Salt Lake City, UT



Planning your wedding budget is hard enough without having to hunt down pricing and endless emails to find out how much your favorite videographer/photographer is. We have listed all our pricing to make planning your day as easy as possible.

There will be additional charges for destination, or Out of State weddings. Travel pricing varies on a case by case basis.

For example Flight, Hotel & other travel expenses.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any travel quotes.


Absolutely! We’ve developed some pretty awesome packages that give you the best of both worlds.

Our clients LOVE the fact that they have two professionals working every angle of the wedding day.

Having two professionals is an incredible asset to wedding day coverage, we are able to cover the Bride and Groom getting ready, multiple angles of the ceremony and reception!

One of the many highlights to hiring Ryan Hender Films is you get two full time professionals on your wedding day!


We are based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

All our pricing includes free travel up to 25 miles outside of Salt Lake City.

Travel is billed very simply. If Airfare, Hotel & Rental Car are needed all you are responsible for is a direct reimbursement for the charges.


Other than family groupings, we would prefer you didn’t. Let us explain why.

It is very helpful to know who your important family and friends are on the wedding day.

Working from a checklist is counter productive from the work you see on our website, shot lists are a great idea in theory, but we generally capture those images without prompting.

Providing us with a long list of shots will reduce the amount of wedding day documentation we are able to achieve. Therefor making your gallery much different than what you have seen.


There are many places that require you to get a permit or pay a fee for photography.

If you have any questions about locations or photography fees let us know and we can help you find the answers.


We use multiple professional Canon & Nikon full frame cameras and lenses.

Make sure your photographer has multiple professional camera bodies during your big day. This is an oversight often missed by most brides but could spell disaster for them. Cameras do and will fail at some point no matter how new or expensive they are. Professional lenses are equally important, they help render the highest quality imagery under any conditions.

Rain, Snow or Shine our equipment is weather sealed and ready for anything.

The last thing you want is a photographer who is afraid of the elements.


Yes! Absolutely Yes!

Professional wedding photographers should have the proper insurance for their business. Insurance protects the photographer against equipment theft, but more importantly it provides liability protection in case Great Uncle Phil trips over the photographer’s bag and breaks his leg. When wedding photographers do not have insurance, chances are they are new to the industry or are not taking their business seriously.


Yes we do!

All your images are culled and those that make the final cut all receive our special touch.

We often select a few favorites for special attention above and beyond the individual image editing.


You may add rehearsal coverage to your package at an additional cost if you wish. The Rehearsal Dinner is most often suggested to be covered by the Videographer, and adds an incredible amount of sentimental value in the finished product. Many of our wedding videos include footage from a rehearsal dinner.


The online gallery is a section on our website where all of your wedding photographs will be placed online for you and your family and friends to view at any time.

It is also a secure shopping cart for you and family to order prints, cards or albums from and have them delivered right to your door.


Your online gallery should be ready within about 4-8 weeks of your wedding day.

If you’ve ordered a wedding Album, they can take up to 8-12 weeks.


The number of photographs taken depends on many things.

Types of events, hours of coverage, number of guests, locations… The average is 500 images for an eight hour day. Those numbers may vary depending on the day itself.


The Raw, unedited images are not available for purchase or viewing.

The images selected for final delivery reflect our very high standards and cut images are not archived.


To be fair to everyone we do not hold dates until a deposit is made and a contract is signed.

All bookings are on a first come first serve basis.


A non-refundable deposit of 50% of your total balance is due to reserve your day.

The remaining balance is due one week before the wedding day. The retainer fee and all money collected is non-refunable. The retainer guarantees the reservation of your date and after the contract is signed we turn down all other commissions for that day.


As soon as possible! We don’t hold dates unless we have a signed contract and deposit is paid.

We often book weddings as far as two years in advance. If you want US, the sooner the better!